Who are the All About Love family?

All About Love has a core team of old school party people who have lived big lives. We are conscious, awake, but far from ‘straight’. Our team have been on quite a ride in this life and about a decade or so ago most of us found our way into a much happier, healthier state of being through working with the various plant medicines.

We are part of a global movement in medicine, music and healing which is exploding beautifully across the planet right now and this is a direct response to the world we now find ourselves in. The old systems are crumbling and all the apparent chaos is just a natural part of a new more beautiful, peaceful world coming into being, but it’s not going to be easy. We need each other more than ever.

All About Love is a giant mycelium of kind hearted, supportive human beings who believe in helping each other to step up. We all have our stuff to deal with. No judgement here. We believe in ‘keeping the gift moving’ at all times.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe firmly in soul sovereignty and powerful times require powerful solutions. All About Love exists as an antidote to tyranny, fear, oppression and unhappiness. In our opinion, gathering together in a well held space of co creative energy (one in which we all support each other’s creative growth and personal struggles) enables each us to see clearly our true divinity and power, so that we can be active participants in ushering in a new paradigm of peace and prosperity for all. Bring it on…

All About Love is a powerful prayer made real through collective action, celebration and experiential learning. Whilst the healing side of our event isn’t compulsory of course, we invite everyone to face up to and let go of personal and collective baggage. Even if you don’t experience a single workshop or ceremony during the event, you will feel this release on the dance floor. Magic is in the air here. Pure and simple. All About Love exists because (still being party people at our core) we find that many ‘spirit focussed’ events are a bit too straight for us.

It’s our belief that if we are going to change the world then we must be inclusive. Ceremonies, plants and healing are central to our lives and so is the awe inspiring power of the psychedelic rave. In short we are a bridge between those two worlds. Our purpose is to let all of you know that you can achieve a beautiful, happy, healthy life and become more ‘service to others’ on a daily basis, once your own journey is embarked upon.

We want you to realise (not just be told) that All About Love is here to help. Come once and quote me…

Why does All About Love matter?

All About Love matters because we didn’t come here to Earth to be full of fear, division and distraction. Life is VERY simple when you break it down. We are here to snap the chains of struggle and pain that we carry from our ancestors. We have the potential to release ourselves, all who came before us and those yet to come in this one short life, if we have the awareness of this one simple truthWe are here to love each other, to play, to support and look after our families, our friends and our planet.

We aren’t here to read the newspaper, watch the BBC or to listen without question to our so called ‘leaders’.

Fuck that.

Above everything is that it is our birthright to be happy. When it all comes down to it it really, truly is All About Love. We find ourselves in extraordinary times and this requires powerful solutions. We are under constant attack from many sides right now and it is only when we come together in community that we are truly strong. We cannot do this on our own. Creative projects that bring in the joy of life, better mental health and a sense of safety and connection are critical to birthing a new world where all beings are treated equally. One in which we can ALL be happy.

Our hard won human rights have been eroded on such a huge scale in the recent past and All About Love matters because we aren’t ‘just’ a festival, we are a tribe in tune with each other, we are a support network, an engine of cross pollination and alliance who peacefully stand our ground as sovereign souls. We matter because (with the right support), we can all become happier and more in tune with our life’s purpose.

Who should join us?

All About Love is aimed at many people, but in short we are two ever evolving groups becoming one ever expanding family. At our core we are a group of old friends who have been (and continue to be) on an immense healing journey together. We love each other, we trust one another and we believe in our collective vision of helping you wake up to the beauty of this life. We want everyone to know that they are loved and that if that isn’t currently how you are feeling, that we can help.

So, in short All About Love is a call to action to our own All About Love family to step up and in even further and to others who perhaps are yet to meet a loving tribe like us. If you are in transition, if you find yourself ‘in between the old world and the new’, if you’ve been feeling strongly that you need to find peace or more authenticity in your relationships then this is the gathering for you.

All About Love isn’t ‘just’ a festival.
We are family.