All About Love supports the NGO Acate Amazon again for 2022

The Matsés, also known as Mayoruna, live along the Javari River and its tributaries in the remote region straddling the border of northeast Peru and Brazil.  The Matsés historically avoided navigable rivers and maintained hostile relations with neighbouring non-tribal Peruvians and Brazilians until 1969, when the Summer Institute of Linguistics missionaries contacted them.  Since the late 1990s, acculturation of the Matsés to the national cultures has proceeded rapidly.  Although most Matsés still meet all their nutritional needs through traditional subsistence activities including hunting, fishing, trapping, horticulture, and the collection of wild foods, their interactions and dependencies on the outside world are increasing rapidly. Their territory and way of life are under threat from road construction, petroleum, land developers, and timber extraction.

The mission of Acaté is to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in partnership with its protectors. Real on the ground capacity-building underlies all of our initiatives whether it be indigenous medicine, permaculture, or sustainable commerce.

“Their CEO Bill is an amazing man, he has spent decades exploring the Amazon and has dedicated his life to helping the Matses people; who are the iconic ‘Jaguar tribe’. I was put in touch with Bill through my friend Jeremy Narby who wrote the iconic, best selling books ‘The Cosmic Serpent’ and ‘Intelligence in Nature’. Jeremy is a hugely influential and successful lobbyist, conservationist, biologist, anthropologist, writer and human rights activist who has (almost single handedly) protected over 200,000,000 hectares of the Amazon Rainforest. He continues to lobby and fight for the rights of indigenous people. Thank you Jeremy for the introduction to this amazing NGO. We are very happy and proud to be supporting Acate Amazon.”

Tiger Si, 2022

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