Finding a common language that we all understand

As most of us are fully aware there has been a resurgence of the Shamanic Archetype over the last 15/20 years with countless ‘Urban Shamans’ offering their services. When the skill set is right (and the training a proper one), these teachings and practices enable each of us to have a clearer understanding of our life’s journey and soul’s purpose.

These teachings also give us a clear direction in letting go of what no longer serves us and an understanding of what was inherited from our collective ancestral experience. However, to simply sit down and listen to these teachings is not enough, it is support and integration – taking those teachings and making them real – where the real gold lies. We require an individual and collective cultural shift. It is time to walk our talk. Work in progress…

All About Love is an immersion into the many eternal truths we all share, experienced not as ‘top down’ teachings but as collective experiences. We think we have the right model to effect change in a more meaningful way.

The Mantra of looking after ourselves and the Earth, Fire, Water and Air is of course a very important one but simply recited over and over again without understanding how it fits in with the jumbled paradigm of our own lives here in the West means that we suffer from transmission and translation issues. Prayers are fine, but we believe in action.

Sharing the gift of wisdom

All About Love is already widely respected for its speakers each year and for 2022 we are really pushing the boat out on who we can learn from on these current times. We are putting together an amazing portfolio of teachers to reflect the current state of play here on planet earth and look forward to sharing these with you in the New Year.

Watch this space…